About Debi Yazbeck

Debi is from Frisco, Texas. She’s an award-winning screenwriter with Austin Film Festival, Roadmap Writers, Page Awards, Final Draft Big Break, Nicholl, Screencraft, ISA Fast Track,  BlueCat, Scriptapalooza, and more. Debi’s a Board Member of Stowe Story Labs and an alum of The Tracking Board’s LaunchPad and The Academy of Film Writing. Debi writes TV and features, usually based in the South. Her understanding of, and love for, the outdoors provides a backdrop to all her scripts, which are primarily female-driven. Death, and the subsequent unhealthy reconciliations that affect her protagonists’ wants and needs, are explored as the characters’ goals supersede moral decisions.

After being accepted into SUNDANCE’s Collab Directing Program, Debi produced and directed her short script PRELUDE TO MURDER IN SOUTHEAST AUSTIN in March of 2020, which is a scene sequence from her feature screenplay, VOICE OF DISSENT. https://vimeo.com/403086028. In the spring of 2021, alongside producer Diana Richardson, she’ll direct the award-winning comedy, SUNFLOWER CARE, written by Della Greenawalt and starring Bryna Weiss, Katheryn Taylor Smith and TikTok sensation Sebastian Tepote.

Debi can be reached at:

About Diana Richardson

Diana’s scripts have been finalists in the top 3% at Nicholl (twice), Sundance, Austin Film Festival, PAGE Awards, Burbank Film Festival, and more. She recently optioned her WWII feature, War Girls, about the first women to fly military planes in US history, to Luca Matrundola and Worldwide Production Services.  She is currently developing A Women’s Place, a TV series about Jackie Cochran, this country’s greatest aviator. Diana wrote and produced Oh Grace!, a play about Texas fashion icon Grace Rosanky Jones, which premiered in Texas to sold-out audiences and outstanding reviews.  A recovering lawyer, Diana is a member of Stowe Story Labs, a writer’s lab for emerging writers and filmmakers, and has helped build the organization into a bicoastal presence.  An alum of the UCLA Writer’s Program, she’s taught at Montana State University on screenwriting and the law.

Diana’s thrilled to be working with Debi Yazbeck to bring Della Greenawalt’s incredibly funny, touching and original story to life.  While the Sunflower Care script continues to accumulate myriad awards, the TV project has attracted a stellar cast and crew, including Bryna Weiss, Katheryn Taylor Smith and TikTok sensation Sebastian Tepote.

A member of the Dramatist’s Guild, Diana lives in Pasadena, CA.  She can be reached at diana@twoinkpartners.com.